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WEST Metro - Sat. Aug. 15; EAST Metro - Sat. Aug. 22

Creating a new cycle of health

  • Kids helped America stop smoking
  • Kids helped America start recycling
  • Kids will lead America to being healthier

At CycleHealth, we believe the next great change for kids to lead is health. We're equipping them so they can create a new cycle of health in America, starting right here in Minnesota.

    Creating Change through The Flywheel Effect, represented by our logo: Attitude, Adventure and Significance

    Blue Spoke = Attitude: We motivate kids in school programs, with online encouragement, and through group leadership training to help them form the BreakAway attitude and mindset needed to be role models for life.

    Red Spoke = Adventure: We challenge kids to get active by entering our world-class races that become the driving force behind more movement and discovering the breakthroughs possible through sweat, adventure and pushing the body to new levels.

    Green Spoke = Significance: Crossing the finish line for yourself is success. Crossing it after helping others is how you earn Significance. Our races inspire kids to strive for significance through our voluntary charity partner projects that help local kids.

    To Learn More About the Flywheel Effect, Click on the logo.

    America's First Adventure-based triathlon for kids

    BreakAway Kids Tri on Life to the Max

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